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Whitstable is a beautiful part of Kent that cries out creativity and inspiration. Harbour Street is an array of independent shops selling anything from cup cakes to fork handles. Whitstable is never short of activities to keep the visitor amused yet also offers a tranquil setting and beautiful coast line. Whitstable has a pub that sits right on the beach and is the home to many a passing tourist as well as local artisans.

Whitstable is also the perfect location for Kite surfing as well as beautiful coastal walks. 

whitstable_beach_huts_1.jpgThe harbour in Whitstable is fully functional and more can be learnt about it thanks to the 11 new information boards that cover topics such as, the wind farm, wildlife and fishing.

Whitstable is famous for it's Oysters and Oyster Festival which sees the town come alive with visitors from all over Kent and Beyond. Booking a Hotel or accommodation in Whitstable during the festival requires you book up well in advance due to the popularity of the Oyster Festival. The Whitstable Oyster Festival attracts in the region of 40.000 visitors each year and is a Festival at the heary of the Town's culture. During the Whitstable Oyster Festival the waters are blessed in a traditional ceremony.

Whitstable in Kent has a population of about 30.000 people and it has been a popular 'day trippers' spot for well over a century, ever since the Canterbury and Whitstable Railway opened in 1830.

The working harbour in Whitstable is a popular place for visitors to take a stroll. It remains largely unspoilt and retains a charming air that attracts visitors from all over Kent and further afield. The Whitstable Harbour was built in 1832 by the Canterbury and Whitstable Railway Company who opened the 'Cran and Winkle' Line. The Harbour played its part during the Second World War as it was used to transport ammunition and grain. Whitstable Harbour was abandoned as the railway lined closed down in 1952. The Harbour is operated by Canterbury City Council and covers 14 acres with three quays. 

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The famous Whitstable Oyster Festival takes place between 24th July and 30th July 2010. This week of entertainment and events in the charming sea side town of Whitstable brings the whole town alive...
The Whitstable Fish Market attracts shoppers from all over Kent and is well worth a visit by the travelling tourist. The Fish Market can be found on the South Quay of Whitstable Harbour, in amongst...
Whitstable Museum is located in the main part of the town, namely Oxford Street. Whitstable is a unique coastal town in Kent that is definitely well worth a visit. Seafaring traditions are the main...
Whitstable Museum
For visitor information in Whitstable, Herne Bay, Canterbury and surrounding areas
Canterbury Information Centre
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