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Address: Kent based Acoustic Duo
Telephone: 07704676417
Karl and Sherrie began their musical collaboration nearly three years ago when they both joined a local rock covers band as bass player and vocalist respectively.
After a few months, they realised they wanted to move forward with their song writing and so formed the duo spyplane over a few beers in the summer of 2008

They have developed their own unique style of writing both the lyrics and the music, often working independently of each other then coming together to join the words and melodies into a fully formed song.
Over the last two and a half years they have evolved both as songwriters and performers, combining a close working friendship with their love of the music they play.
Ultimately, spyplane play their songs for themselves and the audience get drawn into their world of haunting lyrics and intricate, melodic guitar work.
spyplane hope to be playing at some more festivals in the summer of 2011 and look forward to recording another album later in the year. They continue to play at various venues and events throughout the south of England and hope to bring music to their extended community through charities and schools workshops.
Spyplane: Karl Musson
                    Sherrie Tappenden
Genre: Acoustic Folk/Rock <>  
phone contact: 07704676417