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Mexa Mexa Maidstone Review

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Address: Earl Street
Being a lover of Mexican food it seemed like the perfect choice for starting this section on Kent Ideas to visit Maidstone's own Mexican Restaurant Mexa Mexa. Looking through the window it didn't seem too busy but busy enough to look enticing.

We requested to be moved to a table at the back of the restaurant rather than be squashed in between two crowded tables at the front. A simply request you would think? Apparently not, this was the first death stare we received during our 90 minutes in the establishment. Shall we put this down to the staff being 'tired' after a Christmas rush? I had heard some mixed reports on Mexa Mexa so decided to give it an unbiased visit to see if I could redeem any of the negativity that has been surrounding it.........

Maybe we made the wrong menu choice as far as the waiter was concerned? We opted for their promotional offer that is pasted all over the menu board outside on the street of 'Fajitas - buy one and get enough for two'. No we didn't want starters and only one of us wanted an alcoholic drink. Snappily ordered, then it took a long time coming. No explanation was offered, but it was to a table to arrived about 30 minutes after us. I began to wonder whether we had upset the waiter? Was it our request to move to a more spacious part of the not very busy restaurant?

When the food finally was thrown down in front of us it was absolutely delicious - just a shame what it took to get it there. It did make me think what it would have been like if the restaurant had actually been busy. At least the food was gorgeous which gave us something positive to take away as we were ignored on the way out, but it won't be a place we will be going back to.