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Maidstone Pubs

Maidstone is not short of pubs to keep you entertained and the stylish array of pubs is not limited to the town centre. Maidstone has a balance between traditional pubs serving traditionalfood and quality bars serving more continental style food. With such diverse menus available, there is bound to be something for you to tantalize your taste buds.

Maidstone has a few independent pubs and bars in the town centre. The Green Room is a stylish wine bar/restaurant located in Bank Street and The Style and Winch is a more traditional pub in Union Street. Both these venues are welcoming and often have entertainment such as live music.

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The Style and Winch pub in Maidstone is one of the only independent pubs left in the area and offers evenings of live music as well as a selection of traditional ales. The Style and Winch offers a...
Style and Winch Pub Maidstone
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