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Kent News

Sat Oct 20 18:15:26 BST 2018
Paul Taylor's stoppage-time equaliser rescues Doncaster a point as they come from 2-0 and 3-2 down
Sat Oct 20 18:09:12 BST 2018
Karlan Grant nets a brace as Charlton inflict only a second league defeat of the season on in-form
Sat Oct 20 15:04:48 BST 2018
Great Britain's Ross Wilson saves three match points to win a maiden World Para Table Tennis title
Sat Oct 20 00:07:20 BST 2018
The Granny Smith apple turns 150 this year, but who was the woman who gave her name to the fruit?
Fri Oct 19 17:11:54 BST 2018
The whale has been swimming in the River Thames off Gravesend since 25 September.
Fri Oct 19 09:14:51 BST 2018
Where have all the branches gone? BBC analysis finds nearly 6,000 local banks have closed since
Thu Oct 18 19:32:17 BST 2018
Student Tim Mason would not have died from sepsis if he had been correctly diagnosed, a coroner
Thu Oct 18 17:21:27 BST 2018
MPs have accepted more than £2m worth of free travel over the last two years, BBC analysis reveals.
Thu Oct 18 12:40:00 BST 2018
Joe Denly is not ruling out opening the England batting in the Tests against Sri Lanka - nine years
Thu Oct 18 10:10:54 BST 2018
Gatwick Airport says up to 15 extra flights could take off each hour by using the emergency runway.
Thu Oct 18 09:52:59 BST 2018
Sgt Jack Payne's Silly Scotch Ale is celebrated 100 years on in the Belgium town it is named after.
Wed Oct 17 17:03:44 BST 2018
Fruit and veg growers are likely to be hit by new immigration rules after Brexit, Lords are told.
Wed Oct 17 12:14:51 BST 2018
Some regions have seen property prices rise by more than 6% in the past year, official figures
Thu Oct 11 08:07:32 BST 2018
Residents in Dartford are warned to keep doors and windows closed.
Thu Oct 11 04:18:27 BST 2018
Unable to attend mainstream festivals, a 16-year-old girl has one organised in her honour.
Wed Oct 10 06:35:29 BST 2018
The new crossing between Kent and Essex will be built by Highways England.
Thu Sep 27 01:37:38 BST 2018
Michael Willson, who was Cobra in the popular TV show Gladiators, also has arthritis in his spine.