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Kent News

Sun Aug 18 02:15:30 BST 2019
The child fell into the River Stour in Sandwich, Kent, on Saturday lunchtime.
Sat Aug 17 19:58:35 BST 2019
Leeds Rhinos win the Wheelchair Challenge Cup for the first time, beating the Argonauts Skeleton
Sat Aug 17 18:27:37 BST 2019
Solihull came from behind to beat Ebbsfleet and remain on top of the National League standings.
Sat Aug 17 18:17:40 BST 2019
Reeco Hackett-Fairchild scores twice as Bromley maintain their unbeaten start to the season with a
Sat Aug 17 18:06:21 BST 2019
Asa Hall scores and is then sent off as Torquay held on to secure a victory at Dover.
Sat Aug 17 02:28:42 BST 2019
Hugh Gilmour failed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup, so has turned to coaching instead.
Fri Aug 16 21:19:59 BST 2019
Samantha Ford, who killed 23-month-old Jake and Chloe, is detained in a psychiatric hospital.
Fri Aug 16 20:37:19 BST 2019
Lindsay Standen's pomeranian had to be put down after suffering an injury while the family were
Fri Aug 16 19:44:35 BST 2019
No play is possible in any of the eight T20 Blast games scheduled to take place on Friday because
Fri Aug 16 17:29:43 BST 2019
West Kent and Ashford College says it faces "exceptional outstanding liabilities".
Fri Aug 16 15:05:56 BST 2019
Phong was in a life-threatening condition when he was discovered at the Port of Dover.
Thu Aug 15 16:48:32 BST 2019
Charley Bickers returns to his grandfather's base where he flew a Spitfire as a double amputee.
Thu Aug 15 02:06:27 BST 2019
Police want everyone to download a smartphone app they say has already saved several lives.
Thu Aug 15 01:36:47 BST 2019
South East Coast Ambulance Service's emergency and urgent care was rated "outstanding".
Thu Aug 15 01:30:29 BST 2019
Six of the country's top firework companies compete in the championships in Plymouth.
Wed Aug 14 17:28:49 BST 2019
The nave of Rochester Cathedral is temporarily taken over by the bridge-themed nine-hole course.
Wed Aug 14 16:12:23 BST 2019
Adam Peaty, who holds multiple world records, was in Medway for the first of his training clinics.
Thu Aug 08 10:56:34 BST 2019
The seaside birds are less likely to steal your chips when you watch them, according to scientists.
Thu Aug 08 00:09:04 BST 2019
Leanne Clark says she often gets surprised reactions when she tells people she's a master
Mon Aug 05 00:01:41 BST 2019
Alice, 16, has Usher syndrome and started losing her eyesight two years ago.
Wed Jul 31 00:49:36 BST 2019
Billie Sequeira - one of the UK's top 50 women in engineering - wants to get more women into the
Thu Jul 25 17:23:21 BST 2019
These animals are keeping themselves cool during the heatwave.
Wed Jul 24 16:08:17 BST 2019
Mackenzie O'Neill , 11, was on holiday when he found himself playing with the football legend.