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Faversham in Kent is a town rich in History and there has been evidence of a Roman Settlement just outside Faversham. Now it is a vibrant town and a lovely place to visit if you are playing the tourist in Kent or are simply looking to see a piece of Pride within the county. Faversham used to have a busy port which had a ‘loose’ association with Dover. Trade was carried out with Holland, Belgium and the North East of France. Much of the port today has been transformed in to stylish living dwellings.
Faversham has varying churches which are associated with the main denominations of Christianity, some of the churches are beautiful and date back centuries. Faversham had the first gunpowder plant in the 16th Century. The Chart Gunpowder Mill is a place worth a visit when going to Faversham.

Faversham is also home to the well-known Brewery Shepherd Neame.

Faversham Creek

If you are visiting Faversham, especially for the first time then it will be worthwhile heading for the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre where you will find a wealth of information to get the best out of your visit. The Heritage Centre can be found in Preston Street. It is run by the Faversham Society which takes pride in the town. The Faversham Museum is also to be found here which gives a fuller insight in to the History of Faversham.

One thing you will notice about Faversham is the interesting and sometimes intriguing buildings. A combination of new and old that seems to work in this little haven in Kent.
Faversham also host the yearly Hop Festival that is increasing in popularity. The Hop Festival usually takes place at the beginning of September. The Faversham Hop Festival is a free event, kept so by the generosity of local businesses and the effort put in by the organisers and volunteers.

Faversham is not too far from Canterbury, Whitstable and the coast so makes a lovely stop off point on your way through the county or to use as a base for exploring this part of Kent. There are a number of Hotels in Faversham and the surrounding area as well as Guest Houses, B&B’s and Camping facilities to suit all budgets of the Faversham explorer.

Faversham is easily reached by the M2/A2