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Easter in Kent

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Easter Egg Hunt for children under 10. Easter Sunday 24th April 2011 - from midday Entry £1.50, refreshments available. Special prize for the finder of the Golden Egg!
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This year Easter falls late and is on the Sunday 24th April with Good Friday being the 22nd April. There are many Easter activities in Kent that you can do with the family including Easter Egg Hunts. Easter is a time to celebrate the arrival of spring, which will be a blessing after the start Kent has had to 2010. Easter is named after The Goddess of Spring Eostre.

Traditionally for an Easter Egg Hunt painted chicken eggs were used and they were hidden by the Easter Bunny and children would go hunting for the eggs. Now these Easter Eggs seem to have been replaced by chocolate eggs or plastic Easter Eggs with sweets inside.

Kent Ideas brings you information on Easter Egg Hunts and Easter activities in Kent.