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Dover or 'The Gateway to England' is located on the coast in Kent, about 40 miles east of the County Town of Maidstone. Dover is largely known for it's busy port but there is more to the town than just the ferries crossing to France and the famous White Cliffs of Dover made so famous through song during World War II.

It was the Romans who chose 'Dover' for their town 'Dubris' after initially landing elsewhere on the coastline. It was King Henry II who started work on building the famous Dover Castle which is still a popular tourist attraction today.

Dover boasts a lighthouse that has stood there for over 2000 years and the original 80ft beacon was used to guide the Roman fleet in to the anchorage that sits beneath it. The structure is said to be the tallest Roman structure remaining today.

Many visitors only see Dover Harbour and the White Cliffs of Dover as they sail accross to France. The port of Dover is one of the busiest ports in the worls with both commercial and tourist traffic.