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01:28 31-May-2020

Fri May 29 21:47:37 BST 2020
A who died in the grounds of a medieval estate in Kent is named locally as Charles Hilder.
Fri May 29 20:03:53 BST 2020
Guidelines to social contact are starting to change across the UK.
Fri May 29 18:19:47 BST 2020
Key graphics explaining how coronavirus has spread in the UK and the government's response.
Thu May 28 17:43:09 BST 2020
The Cleve Hill Solar Park will consist of 800,000 panels built on 890 acres (360 hectares) in Kent.
Thu May 28 15:32:25 BST 2020
Sarah Wright had been given special permission to fly to the US for treatment but died on Tuesday.
Thu May 28 15:11:32 BST 2020
Maternity services at two hospitals were inspected following the deaths of 15 babies.
Thu May 28 15:00:41 BST 2020
Millions in the UK will soon be asked to monitor who they have been near to combat coronavirus.
Thu May 28 13:46:14 BST 2020
Four men and one woman are arrested in connection with human trafficking and slavery offences.
Tue May 26 07:21:29 BST 2020
From one way systems to not touching everything on the shelves - shopping will look very different.
Tue May 26 00:04:53 BST 2020
You may have heard the term N95 but what does it mean and why are some masks rated higher than
Mon Mar 30 08:51:06 BST 2020
Showcasing the best images sent to us from around England.