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Aylesford has had a long association with Carlemite Friars and the Aylesford Priory dates back to 1242. The Priory or Friars as it is commonly known at one point was owned by the Wyatts from nearby Allington.
Aylesford lies on the River Medway and The Chequers Pub has a terrace that looks out on to the River. It is possible to walk from Maidstone to Aylesford along The River Medway.
The bridge that crosses in to Aylesford is very picturesque and dates back to the 14th Century and it has been photographed and painted by both the amateur artist and the professional.
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The Friars in Aylesford is an acient religious house that dates back to the 13th Century and is an extremely tranquil location where you can wander through the grounds and chapels. The Friars was...
The Friars, Aylesford
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