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Getting your business in front of potential customers at the exact moment they are looking for you is priceless...isn't it?

We think so which is why we work hard to make it happen for businesses who see the power behind this kind of promotion. Before we go any further, the cost for what is described below is only £15 per month so if you can't afford to invest that much in your business for targeted results then this isn't for you. The screen shots have been taken from a smart phone but give you a great idea on how this works.

Firstly, people usually know what they are searching for when they go to a search engine! For these examples are using GOOGLE


You want to get a football shirt framed in Kent so you go to GOOGLE and type in 'Football shirt framing Kent' - here's what comes up on the first page

photo_1.png Kent Ideas is 2nd on the first page of google for organic search results. However, we want to look closer to home and search for 'Football shirt framing Maidstone'